Mcedo Programs:

Education Program:
MCEDO offers education opportunities to needy children in mathare slum. The program involves provision of education in primary school through Mcedo Beijing, Mcedo Mixed secondary as well as high school scholarships in various schools. This department runs formal and non formal education. The formal education constitutes the 8-4-4 curriculum administered at the primary and secondary schools by 15 volunteer teachers.

Once the students complete primary school, some are supported by the institution to go through their high school education through funded scholarships. MCEDO is currently searching for partnerships to avail more scholarships as only few students currently benefit.

The informal education section constitutes intensive training for skills development in fields such as tailoring, knitting, woodwork, food production and metal work.  This has however remained unexplored due to lack of funds and space. The informal program is designed to accommodate the students who are not awarded the high school scholarships

This department is currently headed by Mr. Jacob De.


Talent Development Program:
Mathare slum is full of youth who spend their days idle. Though they are full of potential, this lies in waste due to lack of resources, mentors or opportunities.

This program manages in and out of school youth with variety of talent management projects such as sports, entrepreneurship, music, drama and environmental conservation.

These empowerment initiatives are designed to make the youth earn a living in creative yet fulfilling ways such as music, drama and other forms of creative arts. Leisure time is spent in variety of sports to actively keep the youth involved in constructive ways such as soccer hence reduce involvement in substance abuse, transactional sex and crime. Business training as well as startups will lead to creation of dynamic entrepreneurs among the youth in the slum.

Though the students have been excelling in girls football, limited resources and space have been the challenges facing this noble program.

This department is headed by Mr. Mark Okwiri.


Feeding program:

Addressing feeding challenges among the children in the slum has been one of the core areas. Mcedo has progressed from provision of one meal in a week to daily lunch program. The current lunch program supporting 580 children is supported by World Food Program.
Feeding program ensures that aspects such as efficient food distribution, sourcing, storage and hygiene are addressed.  The current initiative explores options of providing snack for break time as many children depend entirely on that single lunch meal yet are in school as early as 6:30am.

The department is currently headed by Mr. Joakim Obiero.

Wellness Program:
Mathare similar to other slums is full of challenges and vices that the residents use for escapism. The young and the old alike are exposed to robbery, rape, domestic violence, unemployment, poor sanitation, congestion, constrained public resources, drug abuse, alcoholism, prostitution and many more. These issues create a state of hopelessness among the parents, youth and children and adversely affect their mentality, behavior as well as the morals.

Wellness program manages HIV/Aids awareness, sexuality health education, sanitary towels provision, counseling & psychosocial support. This department designs initiatives used to convey HIV/Aids messages in a friendly way to the youth. It addresses voluntary testing (VCT) services as well as creating partnerships to supply sanitary pads. Sanitary pads supply and HIV Aids management have been the major challenge.

This is currently headed by Mr. Eric Ochieng.


Facilities program:
To create a platform for other programs to run smoothly, various functions of the CBO have to be taken care of.
Facilities department addresses supplies, utilities, bills, repairs and general office administration duties among others.

The department is currently headed by Mr. Juma Kennedy.